This page is not meant to provide medical opinions, but attempts to provide overview/contact/starting information for those with pancreatic or other types of cancer. We found a lot of information when my mother was diagnosed (details here - soon) and thought others might benefit from it.

You should consult with a Dr. regarding any medical opinions. Everyone listed should consult with you free of charge to see if you could benefit from seeing them. All links were working, but if you discover one that is not working, please let us know. If you have another site or phone number that you think should be here, alsolet us know. Corrections are also welcome, but please be nice :-)

One note, time is important. If you believe you have cancer, do not delay in getting checked because cancer caught early is more likely to be treatable. Days and weeks may count - at some point all cancer becomes much more difficult to treat and since you do not know whether that day is next month or next year you should treat it like it is sooner and hope it is later.
This is not to be alarmist, but if it is cancer, time counts, and if it is not cancer then you'll be relieved all that much sooner. Finally, as far as the statistics go -- everyone is different so don't accept the statistics, get involved and talk to your doctor. .

Best of luck to you or your loved one who is going through this. Remember that how you spend your minutes determines how you spend your life.


Useful phone numbers

These are some good places to start to request information regarding any type of cancer, including pancreatic cancer. All of it is free. For pancreatic cancer, in particular, a second opinion from a Dr who handles this type of cancer a lot is very important. It is generally worthwhile for other types also.


Research Universities

These are some top notch Universities that are doing research in the Pancreatic Cancer area. They can provide further assistance. The first link is to the institutional home page, and if available by specific pancreatic cancer information and appointment/consulation information.




Various Web sites

Links to more pages of Information




Under construction below here, but the links should still work. [more coming]

Markers -

CEA & CA19-9 are the major blood markers used to track pancreatic cancer. They can be used to monitor the effects of therapy. (See NCI"s information)

They may also check other markers, such as the SMA (?)which shows liver function to see signs of metastasis.


Nutrition - Nutrition is important when under going treatment.

Megace - this is a progestin used to treat loss of appetite, weight loss, and malnutrition. More info.

pancrease - I don't know much about this except that it is emzymes that help take the place of enzymes not being produced as much by the pancreas.

Marinol - may be an option



This is not a comprehensive list, but these are some more commonly used therapies.

5-FU (aka 5-Fluorouracil). There is a variation of this called FUdR which is being used in at least one clinical trial at the Universtiy of Miami.

Leucovorin - used in conjunction with other chemo-therapy drugs to increase their effectiveness.

Trimetrexate - used in conjunction with other chemo-therapy drugs to increase their effectiveness.

Gemzar (see




Compazine info is here (

Reglan is given to prevent/relieve nausea & vomiting.



I certainly hope you don't ever need this, but if you are in need of Hospice, here are several links:

Finding a Hospice lets you find one near you (US and International), and a general Hospice site.

National Hospice Organization, and a link to locate a local Hospice.

Hospice Foundation of America's site.

Another Hospice site with some useful links.

And finally another hospice site with some more links.



A number of places doing pancreatic cancer research accept donations.



The list below is just a group of papers/other information that might be useful for some people. These are things that we've looked at, but haven't been able to find much in the way of comparisons. It might save you some time, but is not complete on the subject.


Some alternative therapies. My own opinion is that any alternative medicine therapy should be combined with traditional therapy, if used.